Frequently Asked Questions

Is your yarn cruelty-free?

All of my yarn is mulesing free.  The BFL (Blue Faced Leicester) is grown on small farms around the UK.  The merino is sourced from various farms in Argentine, Uruguay and The Falklands and from small herds in Peru.  The wool is the main, if not the only income for the shepherds on the smallholdings, so it is in their interests to look after their flocks.

When do you post orders?

I’m a one woman band, I do it all by myself (with a little help reskeining from my lovely boys), so I aim to post twice a week, usually on a Tuesday afternoon and Saturday morning, although this can vary.  I tend to parcel items the day before, so an order that comes through on a Tuesday morning may not be posted until the Saturday for example.  If you need your yarn in a hurry please let me know and I will do my utmost to speed things along.

Do you post internationally?

I certainly do!

Can I order custom yarn?

Yes!  Custom orders are my favourite way to work.

Use the enquiry form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  I’m online more than off, so I aim to reply within a few hours, but please allow 24-48hrs in case I’m busy with family.  For yarn you can choose from my colourway gallery, which can be found on Pinterest…   or request something completely new.  For knitted customs give me an idea of what you are looking for and we can work something out.  I have an extensive range of knitting patterns to choose from and can always source more!

Do you charge extra for custom dyeing?

No, dyeing is dyeing, my prices are determined by yarn base and occasionally technique and extra work involved.  The only time I would charge extra for a custom is if you required an exclusive colourway.  Custom colourways are generally added to my colourway range.

How do I wind my yarn?

Your yarn will usually arrive with you in a skein (or hank) that has been twisted and had a yarn band wrapped around it.  Cut or slide the band off and carefully untwist the yarn.  You should find at least two ties on your skein – use these ties to guide your yarn into a tidy loop, with the yarn strands all laying in the right directions – none crossing the ties.  Put this big loop over your swift, or the back of a dining chair or two (I find putting two at angles helps), your knees, or a helpful friend or partners hands.  Only once you have the yarn secured should you cut the ties!  Once cut, find a working end and get winding, either by hand into a ball, or use a wool winder designed to make centre pull balls.  If you buy a lot of hand dyed yarn a swift and winder are worthwhile invesments.

Alternatively please ask if you would like me to wind your yarn for you.

Refunds cannot be given if you end up with a tangled mess from trying to work from a skein, or winding without supporting your yarn I’m afraid.

How should I care for my yarn?

I always recommend hand washing for best results.  Some people do machine wash superwash (sw) yarns on a gentle cycle, but this is at your own risk! Always use a gentle detergent that is suitable for wool – Eucalan and Soak are two brands available. I suggest using unscented products to help avoid ‘crocking’.  If you are making items from non-superwash wool, for use as nappy covers, then I recommend using solid lanolin to treat the garments.

I’d like to place a large order – do you take payment in instalments? 

Instalments can be arranged, please get in touch via the enquiries form.

Do you take wholesale orders?

Yes I do, please contact me using the enquiries form and we can discuss your requirements and my terms.

Can I buy your yarn anywhere else?

Aside from my Etsy shop and this website you can contact me on my Facebook page

You can also find my yarn at Purl A Row in Par, Cornwall, Wool n Stuff in Wakefield and The Chronic Yarnoholic – an ebay shop based in Brisbane, Australia and I will be making an appearance at a UK summer festival or two when I can!