Addi circular needles

Addi circular needles.

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Available in a range of sizes, please choose from the drop down options.

These are Addi’s circular needles with brass tips and gold coloured cables.


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20cm/2mm, 20cm/2.5mm, 20cm/3mm, 30cm/3.25mm, 30cm/3.5mm, 30cm/3.75mm, 30cm/4mm, 30cm/4.5mm, 30cm/5mm, 30cm/5.5mm, 40cm/3.25mm, 40cm/3.5mm, 40cm/3.75mm, 40cm/4mm, 40cm/4.5mm, 40cm/5mm, 40cm/5.5mm, 100cm/2.25mm, 100cm/2.5mm


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